ASOS Stripes & Zara Boots


I can't belive it's December tomorrow! Seriously where did this year go, or every year for that matter. With only a few weeks left til Christmas, i've been rushing around doing all my Christmas shopping and i've pretty much nearly finished now. This year i've found the perfect gifts for a few people so i'm super excited to hand them over on Christmas day. Sooo as much as I could talk about Christmas all day.. as this is a fashion blog let's talk about todays outfit. This is a combo i've been wearing A LOT recently. I bought this shirt a few weeks back on Asos and it's perfect for layering this seaason. With a coat, under a jumper, with a top underneath.. there are countless ways to wear it. Now we have to talk about these boots. At £79.99, they're not exactly the cheapest boots ever, but they are definitely worth the investment. They're so comfortable and with my half size feet I find that the majority of my shoes rub a little. These boots have endured plenty of shopping days with not a blister in sight so I definitely think they were worth the money. I've been meaning to blog them for a while so they're no longer in the best condition but hey ho I like the worn in look anyway. This look is complimented perfectly by this fluffy dream of a coat that I picked up in UniQlo last year.. the last one left and in my size.. I would call that fate. It's fleece lined so keeps me really warm and means you don't need to wear a big jumper over your tops.

I haven't actually had the chance to buy anything for myself in all of these super sales this weekend yet.. so excuse me, the 20% discount at Asos is calling my name...

Laura xx



Wishlist: Gifts For Her

1. Kate Spade Notebook // 2. Diptyque Vanilla Candle // 3. Lulu Guinness Cosmetic Bag // 4. Charlotte Simone Fur // 5. Aspinal London Travelcard Holder // 6. Larsson & Jennings Watch // 7. Pyjama Shirt // 8. Bunny Ring Holder

Sooo admittedtly the majority of this wishlist makes up my Christmas list, but I think these gifts are perfect for any girl. As we get older, Christmas lists tend to get shorter, and I don't know about you but I tend to find myself asking for those everyday necessities like make up to save having to fork out myself. Remember the days of poring for hours over the toys in the latest Argos catalogue, writing down the product numbers and folding over the pages (me too). Those days may be long gone, but I think it's nice to treat your loved ones to gifts that they don't just need but will also love. So here is my list of gifts for girls, so if anyone wants to buy me a present this year.......

Stay tuned for my gifts for him post.

Laura xx


Faux Fur & Print


What a lovely weekend i've had. Yesterday I went out to a firework display (in the pouring rain) followed by a night round one of my friends' houses, don't you just love a big catch up with all your friends. I had planned to go out today and buy a coat that i've been lusting after for agesss and it's sold out online, but I really couldn't force myself out of bed. Passing up a shopping opportunity = serious case of illness/hangover.

So I think this is probably the last time you're going to catch me in bare legs this year... as my Barbadian tan quickly fades away, it's finally time to get the tights out. I have to admit, I don't usually shop in Mango, I always found it a bit meh, but recently I think they've really upped their game, and I now have an ever-growing wishlist. I ordered this dress online a while back, and it took aaaaaaages to arrive, so when it finally turned up I had kind of forgotten about it and wasn't sure whether I liked it anymore. I tried it on and ummd and ahhd for a while as it's quite a loose/baggy fit which doesn't really flatter me, before finally deciding to try it on with a belt and hey presto.. outfit transformed. I'm still not 100% sure on leopard print, i tried a fur coat on once and felt a bit Pat Butcher/Kat Slater (yes, I still watch Eastenders religiously) so being monochrome this dress feels a bit more me. I think i'll start small with the leopard print and maybe just invest in a nice pair of shoes.. hmmm. Anyway, the gilet. I've been desperate for a gilet this season, after spying Topshop's amazing range, but with a £68 price tag I couldn't really justify it. I finally settled on a browny coloured Zara one which I will show you in another post, but the first time I wore it, my boyfriend's mum also dug one out of her wardrobe and kindly donated it to me which is the one i'm wearing here. I love the colour, it goes with anything, and it's a bit longer than mine so i'm a happy girl. 

The one thing that I think would have finished off this outfit perfectly is a fedora. After debating buying one for ages, I finally took the plunge and ordered one from Asos.. only to get the dreaded 'we're sorry but we accidently sold you an item that is out of stock' email. I think it's now safe to say that I don't think me and the fedora are meant to be *sob*.

What do you think of the faux fur gilet? Have you invested in one this season?

See you in my next post!

Laura xx



Asos Fur

Scarf - Asos // Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Topshop // Coat - H&M

Head to toe black. Not something that I tend to wear a lot, but when you get those days where you wake up and just think 'meh' it's the perfect combo. Something about all black makes me feel invisible, which is perfect for the morning commute as i'm definitely not a morning person, especially if I haven't had my cuppa tea. For those mornings, i tend to chuck on a basic t-shirt, my staple Joni jeans and either trainers or boots with my trusty H&M trench coat. I first spotted this scarf on the lovely Megan (Pages By Megan) back in September's LFW and I knew I had to get my mitts on it. I've actually had it quite a while but for some crazy reason hadn't actually worn it til I took these photos. I'm becoming a little bit obsessed with fur scarves, I've just ordered another from Missguided so i'm sure you'll be seeing that very soon. A couple of years back I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing fur, but it's fast becoming one of my fave trends for A/W.

What are your thoughts on the fur trend this winter?

Laura xx


Knits & Minis

Jumper - Zara // Skirt - Asos // Mules - Zara // Bag - Asos // Sunglasses - River Island

I'm back from the best holiday in Barbados and have a serious case of holiday blues. We relaxed, ate too much, had too many cocktails and the best time, I can't believe Summer is finally over and we have to wait til next year for our next sun fix! Although I can't complain too much as my Christmas countdown has officially begun. When I go away I tend to just turn my phone off and stay away from social media/blogging, so no surprise when I get home I have loads to catch up on. I've realised recently that i've been a bit sporadic with my posts, due to work and other reasons, but i'm going to try my best to get back into the swing of it and post more regularly again.

I took these photos before I went on holiday, when it was a little warmer. It was such a shock when we got off the plane and realised it was absolutely freezing here now! This is a pretty Asos/Zara heavy outfit, they are both fast becoming my go-to shops. I love going shopping, there's something so satisfying about actually seeing the clothes you've being lusting afer (online of course) and being able to try them on befre you buy, but i've also grown to love online shopping. I can't believe that until recently i'd never heard of Asos Premier.. it is a LIFESAVER! Chunky knits have to one of my fave things about winter. There are so many great styles around, my wishlist always seems to be growing. Paired here with a skater skirt and my trusty mules, dresses this outfit up just a little. I promise to put this bag down at some point but it's just so versatile. I usually tend to swap my bag around with my outfits but with this bag I haven't felt like i've needed to. I've also spotted so many things I need to buy but with £0 til payday i'm going a little crazy waiting.

How are you wearing your knits? Do you prefer to dress them up or down?

Laura xx



WearAll Daisy Print Dress

Dress - c/o WearAll // White Top - H&M // Shoes - Office // Bag - H&M

I don't know about you, but i'm still a little bit stuck in summer mode. Maybe it's because I only have 5 more days before i'm off to Barbados (yusssssss) or maybe it's because the weather can't quite make up it's mind. Looking at the weather today, who would have known that I only took these photos yesterday! It's safe to say that i've definitely embraced Autumn so far, and much like my summer slider obsession have already bought far too many chunky knits, but yesterday's sun made me realise that there's still time for bare legs yet.

Choosing pieces that can be mixed and matched throughout the year is something that is essential to me, and this pretty dress from WearAll is perfect for layering up at the moment. I decided to pair it with my chunky Mulberry belt (courtesy of mum's wardrobe, thanks mum) but it comes with a skinny black belt anyway. I've chosen to keep it casual with a white quilted crop and my fave chunky loafers, but add a crisp white shirt and some boots (tights optional) and you've got an outfit perfect for the office. Plus, it arrived just in time to make it into my suitcase for holiday too.

How are you making your summer pieces work for you this season?

See you in my next post.

Laura xx


Winter Warmer

Chunky Knit - Zara // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Zara // Bag - Asos

Chunky oversized knits seem to be everywhere you look at the moment, you can't walk in to a shop without big knits in various colours and prints jumping out at you, and I couldn't be happier. As the days get shorter and we find ourselves waking up to go to work in the dark (depressing huh), there's nothing better than having an extra 10 minutes in your warm cosy bed before realising you're really late and grabbing the nearest knit and jeans for that 'just got out of bed meets stealing your boyfriends clothes' kinda look.

This Zara number ticks all the boxes for me; thick, cosy and roll neck- another big trend for AW14. Whenever I wear it I feel like I should be sat in front of a log fire with a hot chocolate in hand just counting down the days til Christmas. I initially bought this in grey but loved it so much I went straight back for the cream too, and i'm sure i'll be back for more. We also need to talk about these amazing boots. Having already bought lots of black boots this year, this burgundy pair caught my eye. They're so comfy and at just £30 an absolute bargain I think. I know i'm going to get lots of wear out of them.

What are your tips for winter dressing? Do you prefer to get up, throw anything on and go in the morning?

Laura x



Transitional Dressing

Dress - Missguided // Coat - H&M // Boots - Boohoo // Bag - Asos

Another London Fashion Week has been and gone and I have been completely glued to my phone for the past few days. I absolutely love fashion week, even though i've never actually been there in person, I always make sure I catch up with the shows online and on Twitter/Instagram. As much as I enjoy finding out what we'll be wearing next season which seems crazy as we're barely into this season, a massive part for me is the street style. There is so much inspiration around and I love keeping up with what all my fave bloggers have been wearing. I desperately want to be at the next fashion week in Feb, i've watched from behind a screen for far too long and am desperate to experience the atmosphere in person so i'm definitely going to be applying and keeping my fingers crossed.

So, this outfit for me is ideal for this funny weather period we're having. Hot one minute, cold the next. It's freezing in the morning but by lunchtime when I go out for my daily browse around the shops, it's so warm that I wish i'd worn less layers. These days I tend to try to only buy things that I know will be quite versatile and i'll get a lot of wear out of. Long gone are the days where I would buy a new outfit for every night out, there's always a way that you can incorporate old pieces with new. This coat is going to be a wardrobe staple this A/W, I can already tell. Casual, dressed up, jeans, dresses.... you name it, it goes with it. I'll be pairing the dress with tights throughout winter and then again with bare legs into next season, and the boots with some ripped jeans and a cosy knit - something i've already bought far too many of recently (thanks Zara).

What have you been buying so far this season?

Laura x


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