High Street Haul- Pastel Blue Hues

Cobalt Trousers - Zara
Pastel Skirt - Zara
Quilted White Top - H&M
Pastel Jumper - Primark
White Crop - Topshop

The sun is starting to make more of an appearance so I thought it was time I started to update my wardrobe for the Spring/Summer season. Having spent the last 3 years at Uni spending my money on more casual everyday clothes like jeans and jumpers, then been travelling, my wardrobe seriously needs an injection of all the new season styles and colours. I didn't plan to buy all pastel blue and white but with blue overtaking pink as the colour of the season I seemed to be mostly drawn to blue items. I also start my first full time graduate job in Marketing next week (woohoo) soo what better excuse for shopping than needing a whole new wardrobe full of work friendly clothes. Having worked in retail for 5 1/2 years and having had to wear a boring uniform, i'm looking forward to finally being able to style my outfits and wear what I want! Now, one of my all-time favourite high street shops has to be Zara, I can't step through the door without finding something I have to have, so I was delighted to pick up the pastel blue leather look skirt (last one on the shop floor phew!) and the cobalt blue tailored trousers. Both are definitely suitable for work and play so i'm sure i'll be wearing them a lot. I fell in love with the white quilted crop which I spotted in H&M- quilted, white AND cropped! Could a girl ask for more trends in one piece?! The pastel blue jumper was a bargain from Primark; £8 on the label, £5 at the till. Even though it was only a £3 saving it's the little things that make you smile don't ya think. Finally, I popped into Topshop and couldn't resist the white top with the sheer flower detail. This isn't so much for work but will look lovely with my ripped jeans and slip ons whilst the weather isn't so warm. So that's what i've been buying this week, I can't wait to post some outfit pics of how i've styled all my new pieces. What have you got your eye on for the Spring/Summer season?

Laura x

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