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So, before I get started posting let me introduce myself. My name is Laura, i'm 22, live in London, have a degree in marketing & advertising and i'm obsessed with clothes. There's nothing I love more than buying all my new favourite pieces then trying out different outfits until something just really works. After years of debating/procrastinating and blaming my large stack of uni work (I graduated last year so no more excuses) i've finally decided to start a little blog just to share what ive been lusting after/buying/wearing. Although i'm new to blogging, i'm already on Twitter & Instagram: @LauraCrickmer so you can follow my outfits and what i'm up to on there too. I'm going to try posting a mixture of what I want in my wardrobe and also what i'm wearing a couple of times a week to start with so I hope you enjoy!

I should add that as well as all things fashion, I also love to bake so I apologise in advance if the odd cake recipe/foodie review appears on here.. but every girl loves cake right?

Please feel free to comment and share your blog too, always nice to read about other bloggers!

Laura x

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