Slip & Slide

Top - Boohoo
Jeans - Topshop
Bomber - H&M
Sliders - Zara
Bag - River Island

Hello! Ive had such a good weekend! Yesterday one of my best mates from uni came down to stay and we had another friends birthday night out and we had such.a.good.time. It was so nice to catch up and I feel surprising fresh today considering the amount of Jagerbombs we consumed. My bank balance is not thanking me for it now though! It was really nice to let my hair down and have a good night out with my girls. Today has been lovely too! How nice is the weather! So ive spent the day at the park which has also been lovely. Ive also had a bit of a clear out this week and ummed and ahhd about selling some bits on eBay before realising how much hassle it is (lazy I know) so i'm sending it all down to the charity shop instead.

Now first things first, I love love love these Topshop Leigh jeans, but my god do they get grubby! Ive only worn them once and they had to be bleached. Still, I won't stop wearing them, i'll just have to be extra extra careful from now on. I bought the top from Boohoo last week, it just made me think of summer and I love the blue/yellow combination. At the moment were in that funny phase where you want to wear all your new summer clothes but without the big winter coat over the top. For that reason, I thought id style this outfit with a blue bomber jacket that i picked up from H&M quite a few years back. It's been sitting in my wardrobe but it's another one of those things that i'm glad I didnt get rid of. I think I have an obsession with sliders! Ive seen so many pairs that I need. I picked these up from Zara and they are just so comfortable! It feels so nice to be able to get your feet out again. I'm also obsessed with anything metallic at the moment so they're perfect for me. There is definitely an ugly shoe bug going around this season and ive well and truly caught it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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