Sports Luxe

Top - H&M // Shorts - Topshop // Mules - Zara // Bag - Whistles via Asos

I've been planning on posting a sports luxe type post for a while but never found any outfit that I thought captured the trend well enough. This H&M top changed my mind. I find with H&M that I don't really find many 'stand out' pieces. They're great for the basics and jewellery but I don't often see something in H&M that I just have to have. Typically, I spotted this top when I was meant to just be returning. Let's face it, who has the willpower to return items without even having a little look around for something new. So my day of returning ended up costing me more, but I found some great new items so it's a win/win situation I suppose. I like this look because it's quite casual but also a little dressy thanks to the mules and the Whistles clutch. You can't see with these photos, but the back of the top is a little bit longer than the front, so I'll be wearing this top as a cover up on holiday too. I really like the sports luxe trend, it allows you to look good without too much effort, and seeing as I like to spend minimal time getting ready on a normal day it seems like the perfect trend for me.

My night out for my besties birthday was amazing although i'm paying for it today. Thank god we have an extra day off tomorrow, i'm going to spend it recovering! What do you think of the sports luxe trend?

Laura x


Summer Essentials

Kimono - New Look // Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - River Island // Bag - Whistles (via Asos

Thursday already! Time flies! It's been a busy week, hence the Thursday post instead of the usual Wednesday. For this outfit, i've combined some of my summer essentials. I have to admit, i've never owned a kimono before! I can't believe it either, but I've bought TWO this week so I think i've caught kimono fever. I've been to quite a few festivals in the past so I have no idea how I managed to get through them without them. Although most of my festival memories consist of wellies and mud stains so maybe the English weather has never wanted me to have one. Anyway, I was shopping last weekend and spotted this kimono in New Look, and wondered how I've never really noticed them before. They're great to wear with jeans/shorts/skirts but then also chucked over a bikini on holiday. I for one don't like walking around just in a bikini, so this is a great cover up. The joni's are back out again, I promise i'll stop wearing them soon (maybe). But I love white at the moment so no other jeans will do. I won't talk about the cleated soles again as i've bored you enough with them, but I have to talk about this bag!!! I have been after it for AGES but couldn't justify spending £95 on a clutch. Whilst browsing the Asos sale last week, I spotted it for £71 and it went straight in my basket. White, textured and a clutch makes me a very happy girl!

Ive got a busy weekend as im going up to Birmingham for my best friends birthday, so i'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend.. one more working day to go!

Laura x


A Beautiful Bomber

Bomber Jacket - Zara // Dungaree Dress - Miss Selfridge // Top - Topshop // Sandals - River Island

Hello! How nice has the weather been this weekend! I spent the day yesterday watching the Arsenal match as as i've mentioned before, my other half is a huge Arsenal fan. He was lucky enough to get tickets, so I went off to the pub for a catch up with the girls whilst watching, and of course Arsenal won = one super happy boyfriend. Today i've been hungover as a result of lots of celebratory drinks last night, but ive managed to go out and get a bit of sun before it disappears. I'm finally starting to feel like it's summer, so today I have a nice summery outfit for you. This outfit is based around this amazing Zara bomber jacket. I'm obsessed with bomber jackets, I bought my first one last year and have worn it to death. They're nice and light so perfect to pop on over an outfit in case it gets chilly, plus they go with pretty much everything. I love the floral print on this one and as you know, florals are a key trend for this season so I knew I had to buy it. I also love that it has little pineapples on it, they're super cute. I've styled this jacket with my Miss Selfridge dungaree dress which I bought last year, a white Topshop top and my River Island cleated sole sandals which are slowly but surely turning black. White is such a nightmare colour but I just can't stop wearing it! It's back to work tomorrow to sit and stare at the sun through the window, BOO! Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Laura x


Outfit Inspiration: Casual Sundays

Rucksack - Stella McCartney // Jeans - Topshop // Jumper - Topshop // Sunglasses - Asos // Rings - Asos // Sliders - Topshop

Seeing as it's the middle of the week and the sun is out, I thought i'd do an outfit inspiration/current wishlist kind of post tonight. There is always so much I have my eye on, so it's hard to pick out certain things but I absolutely love everything on this board, and seeing it all put together makes me want it even more! I'm the most indecisive person ever, and always find myself missing out on things as i've debated a little too long and they've gone out of stock. I'm not going to make that mistake this time, i'm putting most of these items straight in my basket. Except the Stella McCartney, she's way out of my price range but it's nice to dream right. So this is a perfect Sunday outfit for me, I've been living in sliders this season, as you'll know if you follow my blog and this pair from Topshop are next on my to buy list. The same goes for ripped jeans. I have them in white but black jeans are a wardrobe staple, and when they're ripped they're even better. The jumper adds a little pop of colour to this outfit, and I know it's nearly summer so I should be putting away the monochrome and getting out the pastels but i'm not quite ready to put my black and whites away just yet. I can't seem to step out without a nice pair of sunglasses even when it isn't sunny, so these Asos beauties are also on my wishlist. The silver rings compliment the chain on the beautiful Stella McCartney rucksack, I only wish I could afford it (sob). I'll have to find a high street copy until I can save up enough money to buy the real deal.

So press day's have crept up on us yet again - time flies, and I can't believe how excited I am to find out what i'll be wearing next season. I haven't even put away my coat yet and i'm already lusting after next seasons styles. From what i've seen so far, I'm seriously looking forward to AW14!

Laura x


'That' Duster Coat

Duster Coat - Asos (similar) // Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Sliders - Zara // Bag - Zara

Now hands up, who saw 'that' powder blue Asos duster on Kylie Jenner a couple of weeks back and thought 'it has to be mine.' I'll be the first to admit that i'm not a big Kardashian fan, although Kendall is doing pretty well in the fashion world, but when I saw Kylie wearing that coat I immediately wanted it. Of course it sold out straight away, but then this pastel pink number appeared so seeing as i'm really into pastels this season (who isnt) I thought i'd get the pink instead. Now I wasn't sure if it would swamp me as im not the shortest, but im definitely not the tallest. It is pretty long but it's perfect to wear with jeans now, and will be perfect with shorts and skirts once the weather warms up a little. This look is very minimalistic but I think this coat needs to have all of the limelight anyway. Usually id have a good old moan about the wind when im taking outfit pics but I think it worked in my favour with this coat!

It's been a pretty quiet weekend, I have however decided that it's time to bite the bullet and invest in a proper camera for blogging. I think im going to go for the Canon 600d so im going to have a browse around and see who has the best deal.. ever the bargain hunter! Have a lovely weekend.

Laura x


Dune Sliders

Top - Zara // Jeans - Topshop // Sliders - Dune (sold out online) // Bag - Zara // Sunglasses - Asos

Another monochrome outfit today, it's nearly summer what's wrong with me! First things first, let's talk about these sliders! And if you're not a fan of sliders I can only apologise because i've bought so many pairs and my obsession doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon! I first spied this pair on Dune's Instagram, and I rushed straight out to get them. I couldn't decide between the pink and the black, but in the end went for the black as I already have some pink sliders from Zara - I definitely need to curb my slider spending but they're so comfy! I've had my eye on the top for a while and I spotted it in Westfield last weekend so home it came. I love the print, it's just a little bit different. The trusty Zara clutch has come out again, it's so versatile, im defnintely a little bit obsessed with it too.

Last summer I went travelling and as it's nearly a year to the day that we left it's safe to say that i'm feeling a little bit sad. Although i've got one holiday booked and am planning other, there's nothing that beats the feeling of waking up in a beach hut on a Thai Island to the sound of the waves (sob). Have a lovely week!

Laura x


Fallin' For Faux Leather

H&M Top // Zara Skirt // Missguided Shoes // Zara Bag // Mulberry Necklace

After a month that's felt more like a lifetime, i've finally been paid, and where better to go when you get paid than Westfield. I've not always been the biggest fan of Westfield, i'm definitely an Oxford Street kind of girl. I mean THAT Topshop, need I say more? I need a good 3 hours to cover it all. So as I was a bit short of time, Westfield it was. So I bought some nice new bits and im shooting some new outfits on Monday to share with you all. I've been a busy girl today as my boyfriend happens to be the biggest Arsenal fan so i've been to watch them. Don't knock it til you've tried it, it's impossible not to get into the competitive spirit, even if you don't like football.

This outfit is built around this amazing faux leather pencil skirt from Zara, which I bought about a month ago and to be honest im not sure how it's managed to slip through my posts for all this time. I'm a sucker for a good pencil skirt, and I felt that last seasons PVC obsession wasn't really for me so I love that the leather look is in for this season as I feel like its much easier to pull off. I did spy it in Zara today so you can still find it in store, and they also had loads of other colours which they didn't have before. The top is from H&M, again a while back, you may have seen it in my high street haul post. I love that it's quilted and as you know I absolutely love white at the moment. The bag is from Zara a couple of years back, and I just remember I was so obsessed with it, I trawled around all of the Zara's around Oxford Street looking for one, so I think it's time it came back out of the draw that so many of my previously loved items seem to find their way in to. Some might say it's time to stop shopping, I say it's time to buy another wardrobe haha.

What do you think about leather/faux leather? Is it something that you experiment with? Have a lovely bank holiday.

Laura x

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