Fallin' For Faux Leather

H&M Top // Zara Skirt // Missguided Shoes // Zara Bag // Mulberry Necklace

After a month that's felt more like a lifetime, i've finally been paid, and where better to go when you get paid than Westfield. I've not always been the biggest fan of Westfield, i'm definitely an Oxford Street kind of girl. I mean THAT Topshop, need I say more? I need a good 3 hours to cover it all. So as I was a bit short of time, Westfield it was. So I bought some nice new bits and im shooting some new outfits on Monday to share with you all. I've been a busy girl today as my boyfriend happens to be the biggest Arsenal fan so i've been to watch them. Don't knock it til you've tried it, it's impossible not to get into the competitive spirit, even if you don't like football.

This outfit is built around this amazing faux leather pencil skirt from Zara, which I bought about a month ago and to be honest im not sure how it's managed to slip through my posts for all this time. I'm a sucker for a good pencil skirt, and I felt that last seasons PVC obsession wasn't really for me so I love that the leather look is in for this season as I feel like its much easier to pull off. I did spy it in Zara today so you can still find it in store, and they also had loads of other colours which they didn't have before. The top is from H&M, again a while back, you may have seen it in my high street haul post. I love that it's quilted and as you know I absolutely love white at the moment. The bag is from Zara a couple of years back, and I just remember I was so obsessed with it, I trawled around all of the Zara's around Oxford Street looking for one, so I think it's time it came back out of the draw that so many of my previously loved items seem to find their way in to. Some might say it's time to stop shopping, I say it's time to buy another wardrobe haha.

What do you think about leather/faux leather? Is it something that you experiment with? Have a lovely bank holiday.

Laura x

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  1. love your outfit! love the combination of your pencil skirt with the quilted top. the colors fit really good together too.



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