Sports Luxe

Top - H&M // Shorts - Topshop // Mules - Zara // Bag - Whistles via Asos

I've been planning on posting a sports luxe type post for a while but never found any outfit that I thought captured the trend well enough. This H&M top changed my mind. I find with H&M that I don't really find many 'stand out' pieces. They're great for the basics and jewellery but I don't often see something in H&M that I just have to have. Typically, I spotted this top when I was meant to just be returning. Let's face it, who has the willpower to return items without even having a little look around for something new. So my day of returning ended up costing me more, but I found some great new items so it's a win/win situation I suppose. I like this look because it's quite casual but also a little dressy thanks to the mules and the Whistles clutch. You can't see with these photos, but the back of the top is a little bit longer than the front, so I'll be wearing this top as a cover up on holiday too. I really like the sports luxe trend, it allows you to look good without too much effort, and seeing as I like to spend minimal time getting ready on a normal day it seems like the perfect trend for me.

My night out for my besties birthday was amazing although i'm paying for it today. Thank god we have an extra day off tomorrow, i'm going to spend it recovering! What do you think of the sports luxe trend?

Laura x

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