Summer Essentials

Kimono - New Look // Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - River Island // Bag - Whistles (via Asos

Thursday already! Time flies! It's been a busy week, hence the Thursday post instead of the usual Wednesday. For this outfit, i've combined some of my summer essentials. I have to admit, i've never owned a kimono before! I can't believe it either, but I've bought TWO this week so I think i've caught kimono fever. I've been to quite a few festivals in the past so I have no idea how I managed to get through them without them. Although most of my festival memories consist of wellies and mud stains so maybe the English weather has never wanted me to have one. Anyway, I was shopping last weekend and spotted this kimono in New Look, and wondered how I've never really noticed them before. They're great to wear with jeans/shorts/skirts but then also chucked over a bikini on holiday. I for one don't like walking around just in a bikini, so this is a great cover up. The joni's are back out again, I promise i'll stop wearing them soon (maybe). But I love white at the moment so no other jeans will do. I won't talk about the cleated soles again as i've bored you enough with them, but I have to talk about this bag!!! I have been after it for AGES but couldn't justify spending £95 on a clutch. Whilst browsing the Asos sale last week, I spotted it for £71 and it went straight in my basket. White, textured and a clutch makes me a very happy girl!

Ive got a busy weekend as im going up to Birmingham for my best friends birthday, so i'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend.. one more working day to go!

Laura x

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