Sky Blue

Skirt - Zara // Top - Missguided // Sliders - Zara // Bag - H&M

New hair.. tick. Moody bitch face.. tick tick tick. I don't know what it is, in any other kind of photo I can put on a grin that a cheshire cat would be proud of but for some reason when it comes to outfit photos I really struggle to crack a smile (must try harder!) This week i've finally said goodbye to my terrible roots and had my hair done ready for my holiday on Wednesday, and I cannot wait. After counting down the days for what seems like forever (9 weeks to be precise) I finally feel like I can start to get excited.. 2 1/2 working days to go! I have a confession.. I LOVE packing! I know most people find it a chore but I love nothing more than putting my outfits together and planning what i'm going to wear. The only thing that gets me is the 20kg limit. Seriously, whoever decided that was a reasonable weight obviously didn't like shopping!

Anyway, it's a nice simple outfit today. I love summer, I love sun and I love that we can finally get some much needed colour on our legs, but I feel like i've been wearing A LOT of shorts recently. This Zara skirt makes a nice change and surprisingly doesn't make you boil to death despite the faux leather feel. I spotted this top on Missguided and had to put it straight in my basket as i'm still a sucker for a high neck, even in this weather. A knitted top probs isn't the most sensible idea on a boiling hot day, but it's nice for when the clouds are out and about. Paired casually with my new sliders which I haven't taken off, SUCH.A.GOOD.BUY!

I've not got any posts scheduled for when i'm away but you can find me on Instagram for some holiday/outfit snaps. And i've got a bit of a holiday style diary to share with you when i'm home.

See you in a couple of weeks!

Laura x


Sunshine Lollipop

Sheer Top - Zara (Sale) // Shorts - Zara (Sale) // Sliders - Zara (Sale) // Bag - H&M

Another day, another Zara sale outfit. It's safe to say that I grabbed quite a few bargains this year. I'm pretty much top to toe in Zara sale other than the bag which is H&M. I've been obsessed with shorts recently, picking them over skirts quite often. I spotted this pair and loved the bright colour but thought they might be a strange fit but they're perfect. The sheer top isn't something that i'm too keen on as I don't like having a bra on show, so I layered up with a cami underneath. These sliders were top of my wishlist at the beginning of summer, but I ended up going for the pink pair, knowing that I would have to grab them in black too once they went into the sale.. One thing i've learnt this season is that you can never have too many pairs of sliders! Now i'm just praying that the weather stays as lovely as it has been recently for the rest of the summer so I can get lots of wear out of my sale buys. I can't believe i'm saying this in August, especially when it's so lovely outside, but it's got to that time of year where it's time to start thinking about next season and buying more transitional pieces. Let's see if I can walk past another pair of shorts or sliders without buying.. I think not!

Laura x


Textured Orange

Top - Zara (Sale) // Skirt - Zara (Sale) // Mules - Zara // Bag - H&M

Sunday Sunday.. another week has flown by, and what a beautiful day it's been for some outfit pics. I think i've found a nice new little spot in my garden.. I think i'm almost ready to brave the outside world. Last weekend I braved the Zara sale and what a successful trip it was. I don't usually bother with sales, one look through the door and i'm out, but there was so much that i've had my eye on that I had to go and have a browse. The top and skirt are both Zara sale buys, and I teamed them with my trusty mules and H&M bag. This is a pretty texture-heavy outfit and one that probably isn't the most suitable for summer.. the top is really heavy! Orange isn't a colour that I would usually wear, but I think it's nice to give a pop of colour and brighten up all of the monochrome i've been wearing recently. I had been eyeing up this top and debating for a while (typical me, I know!) so when I saw it in the sale I rushed straight over and frantically hunted for my size.. cue stares from other shoppers.. the sales really do bring out another side of you! I spotted the skirt and thought it would be perfect for holiday, and I really liked the textured look and feel of it. These mules have been my go-to shoe so far this season, they're perfect with jeans, skirts or shorts. My holiday is fast approaching so i'm now on the hunt for some new bikinis and sunglasses, there's always an excuse to shop! I have plenty more sale buys to show you, so i'll see you in my next post.

Laura x


White & Floral

Dress - Missguided // Bomber Jacket - Zara // Sliders - Zara // Bag - New Look

I've finally injected a little bit of colour into my summer wardrobe in the form of this floral bomber from Zara. It's not much, but it's a start. You may have noticed by now that i'm obsessed with bomber jackets, they're the perfect mix of smart and casual, you can dress them up and down, and they're the perfect weight during the summer. I always seem to be cold, especially when the sun goes in, so a bomber jacket is the perfect transitional weather piece. The dress is a simple slip dress from Missguided, and is perfect for dressing up for a night out as well as layering up with on a more casual day. I bought this bomber a couple of weeks ago but I believe it's in the sale now.Speaking of sales, i'm braving Oxford Street on Saturday for a day of shopping with my mum and I hate sales! All of the pushing and shoving I just can't be bothered. I am definitely going to have a good rummage in zara though, as i've had my eye on a few bits for a while now. Fingers crossed I find some bargains!

Laura x

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