The Blanket Cape

Cape - New Look // Top - Topshop // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Topshop // Bag - Asos

If there's one thing you should buy for this A/W, the cape blanket is it. We first got a glimpse of the cape on the Burberry catwalks, and I instantly fell in love with them. If like me, you don't have the budget of the likes of Olivia Palermo and can't afford the real deal *sob* the good old high street has some amazing alternatives. Asos, Topshop and of course New Look have fantastic ranges of capes in at the moment, in lots of different prints there is something for everyone. Now as with most trends that may seem a little strange to the non-fashion following folk, be prepared for some stares/questions. When I wore this to work last week, I was asked where I was going on my picnic at lunch (ha ha) and also 'where's Robin?' - Aparently I looked like Batman, i'll take that. These comments were made by men so what do they know!? The blanket/cape is so easy to wear, throw it on over jeans, a skirt or whatever else, it keeps you warm and looks good too. I've already got my beady eyes on a Topshop one that seemed to go out of stock the moment I clicked add to basket.

Now I also have to talk about the shoes. I can't believe that up until last year, I had never owned a pair of boots! Seriously, what was I wearing?! It's safe to say that I have made up for that madness recently as I have bought SO.MANY.PAIRS! My slider obsession has officially been replaced. I spotted this pair in Topshop and snapped them up. Perfect for this kind of on/off weather, i've actually worn them so much before I got round to posting them so they've definitely been worth the money. Plus, i'll need another pair when the weather gets colder so the perfect excuse for another pair of boots i'd say!

Have you been stocking up on boots for winter? See you in my next post.

Laura xx



  1. beaut cape, beaut shoes, amazing xx


  2. yes! capes are essentials for the fall/winter. so stylish! those men have no idea what they're talking about, haha. love those shoes too! i haven't bought any new boots yet, but i'm sure i will as the season progresses.


  3. I looooove your boots! <3 great outfit, deffo something that I would wear!

  4. The cape and shoes are amazing, I want! I've tried to refrain from buying boots as I have a few good pairs already, I'm definitely a boots kinda girl. I even wore them through most of summer haha!

    Louise / www.asseenonlouise.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Absolutely love this look. The blanket cape is one of my current favorites as it is so warm yet stylish. Loved how you styled it with the rest of the outfit.


  6. beautiful shoes, and I love that cape.

    Jennifer Jayne xx


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