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Jumper - Zara // Skirt - Asos // Mules - Zara // Bag - Asos // Sunglasses - River Island

I'm back from the best holiday in Barbados and have a serious case of holiday blues. We relaxed, ate too much, had too many cocktails and the best time, I can't believe Summer is finally over and we have to wait til next year for our next sun fix! Although I can't complain too much as my Christmas countdown has officially begun. When I go away I tend to just turn my phone off and stay away from social media/blogging, so no surprise when I get home I have loads to catch up on. I've realised recently that i've been a bit sporadic with my posts, due to work and other reasons, but i'm going to try my best to get back into the swing of it and post more regularly again.

I took these photos before I went on holiday, when it was a little warmer. It was such a shock when we got off the plane and realised it was absolutely freezing here now! This is a pretty Asos/Zara heavy outfit, they are both fast becoming my go-to shops. I love going shopping, there's something so satisfying about actually seeing the clothes you've being lusting afer (online of course) and being able to try them on befre you buy, but i've also grown to love online shopping. I can't believe that until recently i'd never heard of Asos Premier.. it is a LIFESAVER! Chunky knits have to one of my fave things about winter. There are so many great styles around, my wishlist always seems to be growing. Paired here with a skater skirt and my trusty mules, dresses this outfit up just a little. I promise to put this bag down at some point but it's just so versatile. I usually tend to swap my bag around with my outfits but with this bag I haven't felt like i've needed to. I've also spotted so many things I need to buy but with £0 til payday i'm going a little crazy waiting.

How are you wearing your knits? Do you prefer to dress them up or down?

Laura xx


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  1. love that jumper! looks amazing on you! <3



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