Wishlist: Gifts For Her

1. Kate Spade Notebook // 2. Diptyque Vanilla Candle // 3. Lulu Guinness Cosmetic Bag // 4. Charlotte Simone Fur // 5. Aspinal London Travelcard Holder // 6. Larsson & Jennings Watch // 7. Pyjama Shirt // 8. Bunny Ring Holder

Sooo admittedtly the majority of this wishlist makes up my Christmas list, but I think these gifts are perfect for any girl. As we get older, Christmas lists tend to get shorter, and I don't know about you but I tend to find myself asking for those everyday necessities like make up to save having to fork out myself. Remember the days of poring for hours over the toys in the latest Argos catalogue, writing down the product numbers and folding over the pages (me too). Those days may be long gone, but I think it's nice to treat your loved ones to gifts that they don't just need but will also love. So here is my list of gifts for girls, so if anyone wants to buy me a present this year.......

Stay tuned for my gifts for him post.

Laura xx

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  1. Love your blog, especially this post! Would really like I'd you could check mine out. Thank you!! ❤



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