Leopard Print Boots

Shirt - Zara (old) // Skirt - Mango (similar) // Boots - ASOS (sold out) // Scarf - ASOS (old)


I would say this is the last time you'll see me in bare legs til next season but it's so mild at the moment that would probably be a lie. 

Here we have one of my all time favourite outfit combos: suede, a white high neck top and those b-e-a-utiful leopard print boots, all topped off with a skinny metallic scarf. This look is a serious nod to the 70s and one that I really do love wearing. The button down skirt was a huge trend during spring/summer and it's sticking around this season. Whereas in summer I wore the denim version day to day, I'm turning my attention to black suede for winter as it looks just as good with tights. Everybody should own a good few staple white shirts and blouses, this one has lovely back button detailing. Leopard print has always been something that I found tricky to wear but wanted to incorporate more into my wardrobe- these boots are the next step. They're super comfortable and look amazing with jeans or skirts.. ASOS seriously have THE BEST boot collection at the moment, check out the others I've bought recently on my Instagram.

What are your thoughts on leopard print? Do you like wearing it?

L x


Sunday Uniform

Photos by Jennie Malone

Helllooooo and happy Sunday! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend partying away for Halloween. I definitely celebrated a liiittle too hard and i'm paying for it today.

Sometimes I feel like I try too too hard to think up new outfits to feature on here, (and wear every day, obvs) and I forget that this is supposed to be a diary of what I do actually wear day to day. I put this combo on last Sunday to go and meet my best friend to shoot some new looks, and she suggested that we shoot this outfit too but I thought it was a bit too boring, it is just a roll neck and jeans after all. But after some persuasion we decided to give it a go and i'm so glad we did. I'm quite lucky that I get to wear what I want at work, and working in the fashion industry Monday-Friday, I like to dress my best and really put time into planning new outfits to wear, so when it gets to the weekend I really am a converse and mom jeans kinda gal - give me all the comfort. So this is just a simple outfit for today, I've collected a few too many striped tops over the years, always justifying each purchase because 'it has wider stripes' 'I don't have a black and white one' or just 'I wanted it okay!' This one is actually a co-ord, you can find the matching skirt here. Paired with a wardrobe staple - the mom jean and a good old pair of chucks you're brunch & shopping ready.. exactly what we headed out to do later on in the day.

What are your thoughts on sharing simple outfits? Do you prefer to see more 'fashionable' looks?

L x


ASOS Suede Shirt & Pom Poms

If you're not a fan of the colour pink I can only apologise as there is A LOT of it in todays post. My best friend who happens to be an amazing photographer has just moved to London and got herself an amazing new job, and has kindly offered to help me out so there should hopefully be a lot more posts on here from now on. So i'm thanking her in advance as I couldn't do this without her, she really is THE best friend evahhhh! We took these photos whilst browsing around Clapham and came across this amazing pink wall. We thought I might just blend in but were pretty happy with how they came out, got to love the perfect location!

This suede shirt had been on my radar since the last press day at work and i'd been patiently waiting for it to drop onsite. You know when you see something and it skips your saved items and goes straight into your basket without hesitation.. that was how I felt about this shirt and it hasn't come off my back since. I've grown a bit bored of skinny jeans recently but worried that I wouldn't have much to wear with wider leg styles. I found these cropped wide leg babies were in the sale and found that you can wear them with exactly the same thing you would wear with your skinnies.. i've invested in quite a few pairs since! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cutest shoes ever!! These pom pom beauties are going to take me right through winter and into next season, they come in a few other colours too, I am srsly tempted!

Now the weather is getting super cold, i've finally given up on my tights. Is it just me who absolutely HATES them and tries to stick with bare legs until you feel like you've actually got frostbite! See ya soon!

L x


Denim & Stripes


This look pretty much sums up my summer uniform so far. Stripes and denim are definitely my go-to when I have no idea what to wear in the morning. I've been going a bit crazy with denim skirts and have bought about 5 so far, how many different styles/shades of denim skirt can a gal own?!

Topshop have been on point with their denim collection this summer and I picked up this skirt in the tall section after realising that I would be exposing myself if I bought it from their core range.. why do they make things so damn short?! This jacket has also been perfect for our English summer complete with plenty of rain, easy to throw on and go.

Hope you've all had an amazing summer! I'm looking forward to my final holiday next month before the Christmas countdown can finally begin.. woooohooo!

L x


ASOS V Neck Denim Dress

Other than suede, denim seems to be my go to at the moment.. It's so easy to throw on with pretty much anything for a casual look. I love the raw hem detail and v neck on this ASOS number and i've been layering up lots of different tops with it since I bought it. I picked this halterneck up in Topshop at the weekend, I went in to pass time thinking I would just have a browse but let's face it, who ever comes out of Topshop with nothing?! Striped, metallic, halterneck.. basically my dream combo even if I do feel like I belong in the spice girls when I wear it.

I've been on the lookout for some nice chunky gladiator sandals for a while now and these Missguided beauties tick all the right boxes, other than cutting my feet to shreds unless layed up with 900 plasters. I find Missguided a bit hit and miss usually but these sandals were a definite keep as soon as I took them out the box. Paired with the denim dress and metallic top of dreams, this makes the perfect hump day outfit for me.

L x

Camel & Suede


How has it been 3 months?! I've definitely dropped off the blogging radar for the past few months since starting my new job which I haven't really talked about on here yet. In March I joined ASOS as an Online Visual Merchandising Assistant and it's safe to say i'm absolutely loving it. After spending a year working in marketing, I knew that I needed to get back into VM and having been a mega fan of ASOS for years it's definitely the perfect role for me. Now i'm all settled in I feel like i'm ready to get back into the swing of blogging and really really attempt to keep it up this time. I've been spending like mad so have so many outfits to share starting with two of summers biggest trends and something i've been wearing nonstop this summer so far... button down skirts and suede.

I've become a bit obsessed with both suede and button down skirts recently and i'm building up quite a collection. ASOS have such a good variety including this one from Mango; spending all day refreshing 'new in' is proving to be srsly bad for my bank balance. Teamed with a sleeveless Zara knit, I love the black and mustard colour combo. I needed a nice lightweight jacket for summer and this H&M one ticks all the right boxes. It also comes with a belt so i've been wearing it as a shirt tied up.. got to love a multi functional purchase. It makes a nice change from the bomber jackets that I usually live in all summer.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I've had the best few days of eating, drinking and shopping.. I wish summer would stick around forever!

L x


Denim Dress & Skinny Scarf


Another seventies inspired outfit from me today, and one that i've been wearing non-stop recently. You've probably seen this dress 0.23455 million times on other bloggers by now, but I personally love seeing how different people style the same item so I hope you feel the same. This has been one of my go-to looks since I bought this dress a few weeks back. I've been wearing it with roll necks, stripey tops, scarves, on it's own.. the list goes on and i'm sure it will remain one of my fave pieces into summer. I spotted this scarf on ASOS last week and it was in my basket and ordered before I even knew what I had done. This is what my current 10 minute morning commute turns me into! I dread to think what i'm going to be like when I start my hour long commute next week!

Denim is making a huge comeback this season, but not just the usual jeans/shorts and shirts, think double denim, even triple if you dare, whilst frayed hems and embelishment will win you extra style points. My denim obsession is getting out of hand, next on my list is theeee most beautiful denim coat and a pair of denim culottes.. someone please delete my ASOS saved items as i've already mentally spent my wages waaaay before payday!

Laura xx


Seventies Suede



It's safe to say it's been a pretty manic/exciting month! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted, I did such a good job of sticking to my new years resolutions.... NAAAT. I got some exciting news a few weeks back that i'm so excited to share with you all, I have landed my absolute dream job and will be starting next week so i'll be filling you in very soon. So my only excuse is that with all of the interview prep, nerves and finally celebrations when I found out that I got the job, blogging hasn't really been at the top of the to do list. Still, I know I say this allllll the time but I hope I can get back into some kind of blogging routine now that the stress is over.

Anyway, let's talk about the seventies. When I first realised that the seventies era was back with a bang for the spring/summer season, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. When I think of the seventies the first thing that springs to my mind is flares, and much like the culotte trend of last season which I was never brave enough to tackle, flares are up there on that list. But when you think about it more, there is so much more of this trend to try be it suede, fringing, denim or even platform shoes.. the list goes on. Suede has to be one of my fave trends for this season; skirts, jackets, shoes.. I just can't seem to get enough, so when I spotted this skirt in H&M I knew it had to be mine. I've also become a little bit obsessed with scarves and this one was stolen borrowed from my mums wardrobe. I spotted quite a few neckerchiefs back at LFW so thought i'd incorporate one into this outfit. I'm desperate for a Celine Trio bag, but as it's way out of my price range this Mango dupe is perfect for now, and it was in the sale.. thank you very much Mango!

What's your thoughts on suede and the 70s trend? Is it something you're wearing?

Laura xx


It's All In The Details

Sometimes it's nice to take a pretty standard outfit; a striped shirt layered up with a knit, some ripped jeans, ASOS Farleigh obvs, and of course the classic Mr Stan Smith, and add in some extra little touches. With all of this cold weather i've been constantly layering up as much as possible and although I love nothing more than hiding my excess Christmas weight under clothes galore, i'm starting to get a bit bored of wearing the same old thing everyday. Cue the details; a nice watch and folding back the shirt cuffs over my jumper. It may not be a massive change but it's something a little different that updates the look just a bit, et voila.. it's all in the details.

Are you starting to get a bit sick of winter layers? Do you have any more tips for updating your go-to looks?

Laura xx

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