You may notice something a bit different about my blog today.. welcome to www.lauracharlotte.co.uk. I've wanted to move away from the old .blogspot.com for a while now so with the arrival of the new year I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a change around and make my little space on the internet a bit more personal so settled on using my name. So instead of finding me at fashionfoundme.blogspot.co.uk, you can now find me here at the much shorter URL of www.lauracharlotte.co.uk. One thing I have had trouble with is moving my Bloglovin followers over to the new URL so if anyone has an ideas on how to fix this I would be eternally grateful.

I mentioned before that i'd like to blog more regularly and vary my content more this year, and I hope that you like everything that I have planned as much as I do. I feel like getting my own domain has given me a little bit of extra motivation to achieve these goals, so thank you to everyone who reads and also leaves lovely comments, I really do appreciate it.

See you in the first outfit post of www.lauracharlotte.co.uk!

Laura xx

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