ASOS Suede Shirt & Pom Poms

If you're not a fan of the colour pink I can only apologise as there is A LOT of it in todays post. My best friend who happens to be an amazing photographer has just moved to London and got herself an amazing new job, and has kindly offered to help me out so there should hopefully be a lot more posts on here from now on. So i'm thanking her in advance as I couldn't do this without her, she really is THE best friend evahhhh! We took these photos whilst browsing around Clapham and came across this amazing pink wall. We thought I might just blend in but were pretty happy with how they came out, got to love the perfect location!

This suede shirt had been on my radar since the last press day at work and i'd been patiently waiting for it to drop onsite. You know when you see something and it skips your saved items and goes straight into your basket without hesitation.. that was how I felt about this shirt and it hasn't come off my back since. I've grown a bit bored of skinny jeans recently but worried that I wouldn't have much to wear with wider leg styles. I found these cropped wide leg babies were in the sale and found that you can wear them with exactly the same thing you would wear with your skinnies.. i've invested in quite a few pairs since! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cutest shoes ever!! These pom pom beauties are going to take me right through winter and into next season, they come in a few other colours too, I am srsly tempted!

Now the weather is getting super cold, i've finally given up on my tights. Is it just me who absolutely HATES them and tries to stick with bare legs until you feel like you've actually got frostbite! See ya soon!

L x


  1. I saw this outfit on instagram and I just had to see the post in all its full glory - literally love everything about this outfit and it is seriously serving as style inspiration as of right now - love the suede shirt, I really need an item like that in my wardrobe, and those jeans - it's such a shame that they're sold out in my size ahh:( x


    1. Aww thank you, that means a lot! There is a similar shirt in khaki that is definitely next on my wish list too. There are lots of similar ripped hem styles so you should definitely have a little browse on asos :) xxx


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