Leopard Print Boots

Shirt - Zara (old) // Skirt - Mango (similar) // Boots - ASOS (sold out) // Scarf - ASOS (old)


I would say this is the last time you'll see me in bare legs til next season but it's so mild at the moment that would probably be a lie. 

Here we have one of my all time favourite outfit combos: suede, a white high neck top and those b-e-a-utiful leopard print boots, all topped off with a skinny metallic scarf. This look is a serious nod to the 70s and one that I really do love wearing. The button down skirt was a huge trend during spring/summer and it's sticking around this season. Whereas in summer I wore the denim version day to day, I'm turning my attention to black suede for winter as it looks just as good with tights. Everybody should own a good few staple white shirts and blouses, this one has lovely back button detailing. Leopard print has always been something that I found tricky to wear but wanted to incorporate more into my wardrobe- these boots are the next step. They're super comfortable and look amazing with jeans or skirts.. ASOS seriously have THE BEST boot collection at the moment, check out the others I've bought recently on my Instagram.

What are your thoughts on leopard print? Do you like wearing it?

L x


Sunday Uniform

Photos by Jennie Malone

Helllooooo and happy Sunday! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend partying away for Halloween. I definitely celebrated a liiittle too hard and i'm paying for it today.

Sometimes I feel like I try too too hard to think up new outfits to feature on here, (and wear every day, obvs) and I forget that this is supposed to be a diary of what I do actually wear day to day. I put this combo on last Sunday to go and meet my best friend to shoot some new looks, and she suggested that we shoot this outfit too but I thought it was a bit too boring, it is just a roll neck and jeans after all. But after some persuasion we decided to give it a go and i'm so glad we did. I'm quite lucky that I get to wear what I want at work, and working in the fashion industry Monday-Friday, I like to dress my best and really put time into planning new outfits to wear, so when it gets to the weekend I really am a converse and mom jeans kinda gal - give me all the comfort. So this is just a simple outfit for today, I've collected a few too many striped tops over the years, always justifying each purchase because 'it has wider stripes' 'I don't have a black and white one' or just 'I wanted it okay!' This one is actually a co-ord, you can find the matching skirt here. Paired with a wardrobe staple - the mom jean and a good old pair of chucks you're brunch & shopping ready.. exactly what we headed out to do later on in the day.

What are your thoughts on sharing simple outfits? Do you prefer to see more 'fashionable' looks?

L x

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