Sunday Uniform

Photos by Jennie Malone

Helllooooo and happy Sunday! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend partying away for Halloween. I definitely celebrated a liiittle too hard and i'm paying for it today.

Sometimes I feel like I try too too hard to think up new outfits to feature on here, (and wear every day, obvs) and I forget that this is supposed to be a diary of what I do actually wear day to day. I put this combo on last Sunday to go and meet my best friend to shoot some new looks, and she suggested that we shoot this outfit too but I thought it was a bit too boring, it is just a roll neck and jeans after all. But after some persuasion we decided to give it a go and i'm so glad we did. I'm quite lucky that I get to wear what I want at work, and working in the fashion industry Monday-Friday, I like to dress my best and really put time into planning new outfits to wear, so when it gets to the weekend I really am a converse and mom jeans kinda gal - give me all the comfort. So this is just a simple outfit for today, I've collected a few too many striped tops over the years, always justifying each purchase because 'it has wider stripes' 'I don't have a black and white one' or just 'I wanted it okay!' This one is actually a co-ord, you can find the matching skirt here. Paired with a wardrobe staple - the mom jean and a good old pair of chucks you're brunch & shopping ready.. exactly what we headed out to do later on in the day.

What are your thoughts on sharing simple outfits? Do you prefer to see more 'fashionable' looks?

L x

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  1. Loving this casual vibe you have going on here, I love it when people feature different outfit choices! Keep mixing up :) xx


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