The Puffer Jacket


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE Y'ALLLLLLL! Can't believe the big day is finally here. Hope you're all spending the evening getting merry and waiting for the big man. I'm off to an annual Christmas Eve party which is pretty much the event I look forward to most all year! And every year I say i'm not drinking too much and every year I spend the day laying on the sofa nursing a cuppa and swearing that i'm not doing it again next year HAHAHAHA who am I kidding. 

So this is the last post of 2016 can you believe it. I feel like i've really started to enjoy blogging again and can't wait to really get stuck back in in 2017. I'll keep this one short and sweet as i'll be back with my 2016 highlights and 2017 aims in the next couple of weeks. 

The puffer jacket has literally been my absolute staple this season so far, it's definitely replaced my bombers as my go-to. This one is from ASOS and pretty much sold out the second it came onsite but I managed to grab it in Petite just before it went. As it's velvet it's pretty much killing the trends this season, I've been all about velvet the last couple of months. This whole outfit has actually been my go-to in various forms; these trousers are literally the cosiest thing that has graced my legs recently. They're basically like wearing your pjs out.. who doesn't want to walk around feeling like you're still in your pj's. I've definitely worn these boots to death this year too, I love when you buy something that you just can't stop wearing.. cost per wear percentage = 1000000000%.

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and i'll see you in 2017 with some brand spanking new content! 

L x

Boots - Topshop
Bag - Aspinal of London


Dressing for Yourself

Someone tell me howwwww it's only 7 tiny little days til Christmas? This year has seriously flown past and I am seriously looking forward to having 10 glorious days off work. How I worked all Christmas/New Years when I worked in retail I do.not.know. I can't wait to put my feet up and have some much needed relaxation/overeating and drinking time with my family and friends. 

Now leopard print is still one of those marmite type items; you either love it or you hate it and I for one love it. I remember a while back it was something I would have been way too worried about wearing, these days I can't get enough. I definitely feel like I'm a lot braver with my outfit choices these days. I don't know if it's soaking up all of the inspiration at work at ASOS where everyone looks so damn good or just changing my attitude to not worrying about what other people think and wearing exactly what I want but I'm much more confident when I get dressed in the morning. When you start up a blog and start posting photos of yourself and your outfits on the internet for all to see, you leave yourself open to opinion and criticism. I used to be so nervous every time I hit publish on a post as I would be convinced there would be people laughing about what I chose to wear, my awkward posing and bad quality photos. But I didn't start this blog to be Britain's next top model or photographer, I started it to share my outfits and ideas and my love for fashion and styling. Nowadays I don't worry about sharing my outfits, I wake up and put whatever the F I want to wear on and leave the house feeling confident in my choice. I look back and am super proud of how far this little blog has come from my first post in my back garden with my brother behind my iPhone camera, and I can't wait to keep sharing my outfits with you into 2017.

L x

Dungarees - New Look
Bag - Aspinal of London



Happy weekend loverssss. I'm sat writing this on Saturday morning because i've got a festive day out with the girls later on today consisting of a bottomless brunch and night out, secret santa included. Knowing i'm not going to be A OK tomorrow i'm being mega organised and making good use of the time that J sleeps in every Saturday to catch up on Made in Chelsea (yes i'm STILL obsessed) and write about this little Kenzo number for you. So many festivities at the moment i'm literally SoOoOo excited for Christmas!

A couple of weeks back, I was sat at my desk at work frantically refreshing the H&M website to try and get my hands on something from the new Kenzo x H&M collaboration. Now I'm not usually a big fan of the high street/designer collections, I either find them a bit too funky for day to day life or still v.expensive for what you're getting. I've been a fan of Kenzo for a good few years and always put one of their jumpers on my Christmas list in the hope that santa might be kind but with the big price tag it's always a bit of a long shot. When I had a look through the lookbook before the collection was released, I knew that I needed this jumper. With the traditional logo and ruffled neck I knew it would fit right in with my wardrobe this season and I was 100% right. Paired with my ASOS velvet pleated midi skirt and faaave metallic boots, this outfit was perfect for wandering around the Northcote Road Christmas market and flower stalls and enjoying a mulled wine (or 2) last weekend.

Did you get your hands on anything from the Kenzo x H&M collab?

L x


The Christmas Party Suit

Ahh Christmas. The party season is fast approaching, the party invites are flying in and basically every evening from now until the big day is packed full of drinks, dinner dates and loadsa cheese and wine.. Sounds like my kind of heaven! 

One thing that always stresses me out this time of year is what to wear to all of these events. How casual is smart/casual? Is everyone going to be dressy dressy or just wearing the old jeans and a nice top combo? This time of year I like to go all out with my outfits, wearing things that I wouldn't usually be brave enough to the rest of the year. I love a dress but I get a bit bored of turning up to places and wearing exactly the same as 1/2/3 other girls with equally good taste ;). So this year i'm going for something a little bit more jazzy; the Christmas Suit! 

This suit is a little number from ASOS and is the perfect alternative to the usual dress. I love the metallic shine and the waist belt clinches you in at just the right spot. The trousers and blazer also look equally aaaaamazing worn separately day to day.. 3 outfits in 3 = WINNER! So there you have it, the perfect alternative option to bring some sass to your Christmas party this year. Are you tempted to try something a little different this year or are you sticking to your failsafe?

L x

Shoes - ASOS 

Bag - ASOS


Velvet & Embroidery

Ahh Autumn, you're finally in full swing. It's no secret that i'm a Summer gal through and through, but I really hate the inbetween season time when it's too hot for a coat, too cold for bare legs and every outfit choice in the morning is the wrong one by midday. One thing I do love about a new season is the new trends! Once the dregs of the sales have been cleared away, there's nothing I love more than having a mooch around my favourite online and high street stores for all the new season gems. 

In this outfit i've combined two KILLER AW16 trends for you.. velvet and embroidery. Now velvet is a funny one, I personally love it but there are many that can't quite get on board. This dress combines velvet with ruffles and a midi length... 3 huge trends in one. If you're thinking this dress is a little bit full on then a nice skater dress or skirt is a really good starting point. Embroidery is also huuuge for this season. We saw embroidery start to creep into the shops over Summer, it's now crept on to everything from denim to shirts and even accessories anything embroidered is key for this season. This cute little cross body from ASOS is a perfect addition to this outfit. Layered up with a little mesh top and leather jacket, this outfit is the perfect way to kick off the new season and my new wardrobe... heelloooo Winter!

L x


Pyjamas for Days

Dress - ASOS // Shoes - ASOS // Socks - ASOS

How nice has it been to see the sunshine poking his little head out recently! I met my best gal for a nice Starbucks after work last week (mocha cookie crumble frappuccino.. In case you wondered) and we wandered along South Bank and snapped these pictures on the way. It's so good to be able to make use of the evenings before the dark starts settling in before we even leave work wahhhh. 

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a new trend, I love nothing more than watching catwalk shows at fashion week then eagerly waiting for trends to filter through to the great British high street. The pyjama trend has to be one of my favourites.. Who doesn't like feeling like they've just stepped out of bed?! From shirts to dresses to co-ords, these silky satin pieces are so cosy and require minimal effort or precious thinking time in the morning aka more sleep... BONUS! I teamed mine with my chunky black cloggy sandals and a fishnet sock to make it a little more interesting but really this dress can quite happily do all of the talking! 

What are your thoughts on the PJ trend? Is it something you'd wear?

L x

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