Chevron Dreams

Jumper - ASOS, Jeans - ASOS, Boots - Topshop, Bag - Aspinal of London

Ahhhh the kick flare, I just can't seem to get enough. You'll know about my obsession if you follow me on Instagram, see how I styled them differently on here too. I wore this pair THREE TIMES to work last week, something I never ever ever thought i'd do working in fashion but they're just sOoOo versatile. Wandering around Primrose Hill last week, we stumbled across these pretty white and blue houses. Now I never really got on board with the whole white house trend/theme that was oh so loved by pretty much every blogger last year, so as the blue perfectly matched the blue in my jumper this seemed like the perfect spot. I got a lotta love for a good knit, this chevron number from ASOS was in my saved items for a wee while before I decided I needed it, and I don't know why I waited so long! The chevron pattern reminds me of the B.E.A.utiful 70s era, something i'm kinda obsessed with in case ya didn't notice. And ahhh these silver boots... I can honestly say I have worn them so much they are probably my fave buy since well, forever (just don't tell the rest of my boot collection).

See yaaaa x


The Spa at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Guildford

A couple of weekends back, my mum and I headed off for a lovely spa day for her belated Christmas present. I booked this in December after looking for a spa that we could drive to, enjoy a treatment each and indulge in afternoon tea, aaaand also be able to do a bit of our fave thing; shopping after.. not much to ask for I know LOL. After browsing what seemed like a million various spas across London & Surrey, I eventually settled on The Spa Guildford at The Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel where we could spend the day doing all of the above. Being the bad blogger I am, I forgot my camera (duhhhhh), so soz if these photos don't quite do the place the justice it deserves.

The Guildford Spa is tucked away just inside the hotel. You enter and walk through a candlelit purple hallway with lovely relaxing music playing getting you in the zen zone. I had read reviews that it was very small online but I was pleasantly surprised as we walked into reception. The staff were very friendly and took us through to the lobby to fill out some forms for our massages. We were then shown around the spa and given our robes and slippers. 

After changing into our bikinis we headed into the pool area, grabbed a complimentary herbal tea and relaxed on the sunloungers until we were called for our treatment. We both opted for the back, neck and shoulder massage and it was AMAZING. The masseuse was really friendly and kept checking to make sure I was comfortable with the pressure. It was only half an hour but tbh I could have laid there all day. After the massage, we were bought a fresh glass of fruit infused water then we headed back to the pool area to make the most of the facilities. 

The spa also has a small pool, steam room and sauna, we spent the rest of our time going between these and lounging about reading the magazines/papers provided. Afternoon tea was booked for 2, so about 1.30 we headed back to the changing rooms to shower and get ready. If i'm honest, I thought the spa day was the main part of the package so was expecting a couple of sandwiches and a slice of cake but it was absolutely MASSIVE. There was honestly more food that i've had at teas where the cake has been the main event, so we stuffed our faces and pretty much rolled out into Guildford to have a browse around the shops and head on home, feeling very relaxed and refreshed. 

I would definitely recommend this spa for anyone looking for a nice, relaxing day; we've already talked about going back for an hour long full body massage next time. It may not be the biggest but it's definitely intimate, and lets face it who really wants to be parading around hundreds of people in a bikini in January.. I defs ate too many pigs in blankets over xmas for that! 

L x


The Cropped Kick Flare

Ello ello,

There are alooooot of photos today but I couldn't choose between them all! Today I went out shooting in Primrose Hill with one of my best friends and we had such a laugh. She's a great photographer, check out her website here. It was also the first time i've ever been out taking photos with so many people around. Usually I creep into a little corner and get really embarrassed when people stop and look but this bridge was the perfect location for this outfit so I braved it and we were there for ages. Knowing I was a bit embarrassed at first, she was literally killing me shouting out things like 'fashion darling' 'check out my blog' and 'strutt ya butt' basically drawing all the attention to us. Now i'm a bit more comfortable with being in public i'll definitely be making better use of London's beautiful backdrops.

So this outfit is a little nod to the 70s. I don't thing i'll ever get on board with flares, they're not really me but the cropped kick flare has completely taken over as my fave jean style this season, pack your skinnies away because they're here to stay. This bomber had been on my long old wishlist since I spotted it in our Spring/Summer Lookbook at work. It came in over Christmas when I wasn't in and sold out straight away, safe to say I was completely gutted. It popped back in last week and was in my bag and ordered within seconds. I also threw the stripe top into my order, it has a really nice frilly neckline, I do love little details. I've been after some black patent boots for AGESSSS but every pair I tried on made me feel like a bit of a stripper. So when I spotted these Topshop dupes in the Outlet section on ASOS last week I snapped them up straight away, I can't get enough of chelsea boots.

Hope you like these photos, i'm so pleased with how they came out. What are your thoughts on cropped flares? Will you be rocking them?

L x


Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish & Skin Tonic

*This post is not sponsored, I really do love these products*


So as part of my new years goals which you can read about here, I wanted to introduce some new areas to this blog. I love outfit posts and they will always be my fave kind of post to write about and read about too, but I thought it might be nice to add some more travel & lifestyle as well as a bit of beauty. So kicking off with beauty, I thought i'd write up a little review of my new skincare saviour; Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish and Skin Tonic.

Now i'm by no means a beauty expert, I didn't even start wearing make up till about year 10 and that was with a lot of persuasion from my friends. Over the past year or so i've got really into skincare and as I reach the dreaded mid-twenties (nearly on the wrong side of them) i've started to really think about what i'm putting on my skin. Up until not so long ago, my nighttime regime pretty much consisted of a quick wipe with a face wipe and a splash of water. But after reading lots of reviews about this cleanser/toner duo I thought i'd give it a try. 

I start by removing my make up with miscellar water and some cotton pads, which I thought got all of my make up off.. until I tried the cleanser! A lot of face wash products i've tried in the past have either dried my skin up or brought me out in spots but this has really worked so far. If you haven't used this before, you basically massage the cleanser in onto dry skin, rubbing in circles covering your face and neck, then rinse the cloth in warm water and *gross alert* watch all of the grime that you thought you had already gotten off appear. I was so surprised at how much product was still left on my face, thinking I usually get everything off it made me realise that I usually sleep with all that still on my face. You follow up with the tonic, with a cotton pad and then a moisturiser.

I've been using this since Christmas and have been so impressed, I think i'll try more of the Liz Earle range when I run out of moisturiser. Have you tried this product? Can you recommend any other Liz Earle products? 

Also on a side note, since switching to a MacBook and using Fotor to edit my images, they seem to be really blurry which they don't look on my camera.. any suggestions/help much appreciated my lovezzz. 

L x


2015 Reflecting & 2016 'Goals'

Well hasn't it been a while again, once again life has got in the way. What better way to kick off the new year than to put some 2k16 goals in place! I don't really make new years resolutions as such, but I do think it is nice to sit down and think about what you've achieved during the course of the year and then put some kind of plan or goals in place for the new year. Grab a cuppa and a pack of biscuits (bourbons for me plz) cos this is going to be a long one.

I do tend to be a glass half empty kind of gal and spend way too much time letting the negatives outweigh the positives, and sometimes I really need to sit down and remind myself that it ain't all that bad. Thinking positively is something that I really need to work on, we're all guilty of comparing ourselves to others and feeling inadequate whether it be blog/career or even general life related but looking back on this year as a whole it could have been worse.

My main goal at the start of last year was to get myself into the fashion industry. My career is something that I haven't really gone into much detail in on here which seems crazy as it's meant to be kind of like a diary but I graduated in 2013 with a First Class Honours Degree in Marketing with Advertising Management. I didn't really have any fashion experience behind me other than a short stint in Visual Merchandising but I knew that fashion was exactly what I wanted to get into. I applied for A TONNE of internships/jobs and after hearing nothing back decided that I needed to get some kind of experience behind me so took a job in digital marketing in the travel industry. So last year I vowed that this would be the year I finally got my foot in the fashion door and landed myself a job at ASOS in March. I finally found my way in and ASOS was always the dream, so that was definitely a huge positive last year. Since then i've managed to get myself featured on both the ASOS Homepage (#lifegoals) and The Daily Mail's Femail Website. I got myself an ASOS branded Instagram account.. follow me here if you don't already. I also celebrated 3 perfect years with my boyfriend James and managed to save some money towards a house deposit for us (should have saved more but girl gotta shop). I spent more time with my friends (another 2015 goal), visited new places and learnt new things so on the whole when I sit back and write it out, it wasn't all as bad as it sometimes seemed.

So with that in mind, I have put together some little changes and goals for this year. In the past i've set goals like reaching x amount of followers but that just seems to really set me back if I don't meet my usually too high expectations, so this year i'm setting more manageable 'changes' if you like, so here we go.

1. Take more photos. Not of my brunch, shoes, clothes and my #ootd, but of things that actually matter. Dates with my boy, nights out with the girls, that lovely sunset.. You get the picture.

2. Travel more. I usually use all my holiday up on 2 nice long holidays in a year with a couple of days spare for Christmas, but this year I want to make better use of my time. City breaks can be done with 0-1 of my precious holiday days, so this year I want to visit more places whether it be a day trip to Cambridge to go punting, a weekend in Venice or my 2 week dream trip to the Maldives. This year I need to see more of the world!

3. Blog more/improve content & photography. This is a tricky one, as I always have such good intentions but my poor little blog often gets neglected and when I do manage to find time to take some outfit pics I usually sit down and rush out some words about it and stick it up on Instagram then leave it another 3 months. With my best friend being an amazing photographer.. you can check her out here, I really should find time to blog more. I really do enjoy blogging, so this year I want to be a tiny bit more consistent, expand my content to travel and a bit of lifestyle and improve my photography a bit.

4. Work harder. Kind of ties in with the above but this one is more career related. Although I am working for an amazing company, now isn't the time to stop working hard. I want to learn more, progress within my role and my career and try and produce some good content and maybe even work with some brands here in this space. Something I do miss about both university and working in marketing is the writing. My job is very creative but writing is something I don't really get to do any more so I would like to start looking for some kind of writing work whether it be fashion/food or even travel.

5. Be positive. Last but not least, in fact probably the most important of all.. BE POSITIVE. Yeah I might not have 100k followers or own my own house but we have to start somewhere. Whenever I feel the negative spiral start kicking in when yet another person posts a pic of their first house keys/dream holiday/huge engagement ring etc etc, i'm not going to stress about it, but think about what I do have and what I want to achieve this year and focus all my energy on changing things that are actually in my control.

So there we have my 2015 recap and 2016 goals. Well done if you're still reading after all of that, let's see how I got on with the above in 350 odd days. Have you made any resolutions or goals for this year?

L x

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