The Cropped Kick Flare

Ello ello,

There are alooooot of photos today but I couldn't choose between them all! Today I went out shooting in Primrose Hill with one of my best friends and we had such a laugh. She's a great photographer, check out her website here. It was also the first time i've ever been out taking photos with so many people around. Usually I creep into a little corner and get really embarrassed when people stop and look but this bridge was the perfect location for this outfit so I braved it and we were there for ages. Knowing I was a bit embarrassed at first, she was literally killing me shouting out things like 'fashion darling' 'check out my blog' and 'strutt ya butt' basically drawing all the attention to us. Now i'm a bit more comfortable with being in public i'll definitely be making better use of London's beautiful backdrops.

So this outfit is a little nod to the 70s. I don't thing i'll ever get on board with flares, they're not really me but the cropped kick flare has completely taken over as my fave jean style this season, pack your skinnies away because they're here to stay. This bomber had been on my long old wishlist since I spotted it in our Spring/Summer Lookbook at work. It came in over Christmas when I wasn't in and sold out straight away, safe to say I was completely gutted. It popped back in last week and was in my bag and ordered within seconds. I also threw the stripe top into my order, it has a really nice frilly neckline, I do love little details. I've been after some black patent boots for AGESSSS but every pair I tried on made me feel like a bit of a stripper. So when I spotted these Topshop dupes in the Outlet section on ASOS last week I snapped them up straight away, I can't get enough of chelsea boots.

Hope you like these photos, i'm so pleased with how they came out. What are your thoughts on cropped flares? Will you be rocking them?

L x

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