Ahh Simone I love you I do. No, I haven't dumped James and fallen in love with a gurl, Simone is the name of my b.e.a.utiful new shoes. The glove shoe trend has come upon us with a bang and everyone from ASOS to Topshop & Mango have been tempting us for the past few months with these granny style chunky heeled beauties. But from the moment I laid my eyes on Simone at a press day at work a while back I knew i'd have to stay true and hold out for her. Sure enough a few weeks back there she was staring back at me in the new in section and it's been true love ever since. Paired here with my ultimate go-to jean of the moment the cropped kick flare, a leopard print top and my pink duster, this was the perfect outfit for mooching around Brick Lane and eating too much food last weekend with my best gurl.  

Hope you've had the best valentines weekend. 

L x

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