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Jacket - ASOS (Now in the sale), Top - ASOS, Jeans - ASOS, Boots - Topshop

Aloha and happy Sunday! Hope you've all had a lovely relaxing weekend. Last weekend I spent a lovely day out with my mum at Jo Loves enjoying their Fragrance Tapas followed by a perfecto afternoon tea at The Waldorf (more on that soon) and this is what I wore. I really struggle with weekend dressing, I feel like I plan my outfits down to the last detail for work every day, but when it comes to the weekend I just gravitate towards my skinny jeans and converse. I wanted to wear something that wasn't too dressy but not too casj for the tea so opted for my fave kick flares and a failsafe striped top. I haven't really worn the blazer much since I picked it up from ASOS but it seemed like the perfect cover up for a lovely sunny day, seriously can't wait to see the suns face every day. 

L x

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  1. Hey beautiful, so lovely to meet you last night! And i love this outfit - you make stripes look far more sophisticated than I ever could. Let's go for drinks soon xxx


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