The Christmas Party Suit

Ahh Christmas. The party season is fast approaching, the party invites are flying in and basically every evening from now until the big day is packed full of drinks, dinner dates and loadsa cheese and wine.. Sounds like my kind of heaven! 

One thing that always stresses me out this time of year is what to wear to all of these events. How casual is smart/casual? Is everyone going to be dressy dressy or just wearing the old jeans and a nice top combo? This time of year I like to go all out with my outfits, wearing things that I wouldn't usually be brave enough to the rest of the year. I love a dress but I get a bit bored of turning up to places and wearing exactly the same as 1/2/3 other girls with equally good taste ;). So this year i'm going for something a little bit more jazzy; the Christmas Suit! 

This suit is a little number from ASOS and is the perfect alternative to the usual dress. I love the metallic shine and the waist belt clinches you in at just the right spot. The trousers and blazer also look equally aaaaamazing worn separately day to day.. 3 outfits in 3 = WINNER! So there you have it, the perfect alternative option to bring some sass to your Christmas party this year. Are you tempted to try something a little different this year or are you sticking to your failsafe?

L x

Shoes - ASOS 

Bag - ASOS

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