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Someone tell me howwwww it's only 7 tiny little days til Christmas? This year has seriously flown past and I am seriously looking forward to having 10 glorious days off work. How I worked all Christmas/New Years when I worked in retail I do.not.know. I can't wait to put my feet up and have some much needed relaxation/overeating and drinking time with my family and friends. 

Now leopard print is still one of those marmite type items; you either love it or you hate it and I for one love it. I remember a while back it was something I would have been way too worried about wearing, these days I can't get enough. I definitely feel like I'm a lot braver with my outfit choices these days. I don't know if it's soaking up all of the inspiration at work at ASOS where everyone looks so damn good or just changing my attitude to not worrying about what other people think and wearing exactly what I want but I'm much more confident when I get dressed in the morning. When you start up a blog and start posting photos of yourself and your outfits on the internet for all to see, you leave yourself open to opinion and criticism. I used to be so nervous every time I hit publish on a post as I would be convinced there would be people laughing about what I chose to wear, my awkward posing and bad quality photos. But I didn't start this blog to be Britain's next top model or photographer, I started it to share my outfits and ideas and my love for fashion and styling. Nowadays I don't worry about sharing my outfits, I wake up and put whatever the F I want to wear on and leave the house feeling confident in my choice. I look back and am super proud of how far this little blog has come from my first post in my back garden with my brother behind my iPhone camera, and I can't wait to keep sharing my outfits with you into 2017.

L x

Dungarees - New Look
Bag - Aspinal of London

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