Summer Lovin'

Jacket - Vintage, Top - River Island, Trousers - Topshop, Shoes - Miss Selfridge

Ahhh Summer, my favourite time of year. There's no doubt that i'm a summer baby, when the days get lighter and the sun is out i'm so much happier. It's so much easier to get up in the mornings, the weekends are always packed with fun plans and the mood generally lightens a bit.. something that is seriously important when you're packed on trains under someones armpit to get to and from work every day. 

I do feel like summer makes me more of a positive person. There's something nice about waking up in the morning to daylight and feeling like you're going to get things done during the day. I love Christmas, wrapping up and being cosy but I do find myself to be more negative in the cold winter months, something that instantly disappears as soon as summer rolls back around. 

Last weekend the weather was so unexpectedly amazing, I spent Sunday with my best friend drinking ciders in the park, eating ice cream and shooting these photos on the way back home for dinner. I'd been waiting to show you this jacket so even though it was boiling I had to change and show it off. I spotted a similar jacket recently in Topshop but at £185 it was way out of my price range whilst i'm saving so I went straight to Depop and found this b.e.a.utiful jacket as an alternative. I love the colour and the style, I usually opt for biker jackets but wanted something a little bit different and this ticked all the boxes. It's no secret that i've got a serious gingham obsession at the moment. I love the frill waist detail on these Topshop trousers.. and although I've got lots of gingham in my wardrobe, I haven't actually got any trousers soooo...

Are you happier in the summer? When do you find your mood lifts most?

L x


5 Things I've Learnt Since Starting My Blog


Dress - Topshop, Boots - ASOS

Three years ago this month after lots of debating, worrying and excitement, I published my first post here on LC. Back then, I was desperately trying to get my foot in the fashion door. Having graduated from university with a First Class Honours degree in Marketing and a number of internships behind me, like most students I thought i'd land my dream job straight out of uni.. L O L. I sent off application after application for jobs, paid internships and unpaid internships and after hearing nothing back I decided I needed to create something that would help me to stand out. Fast forward 3 years and i'm finally where I imagined i'd be. As it's my little old blogs birthday this month, I thought i'd share 5 things i've learnt since I started blogging, do let me know if you relate to any of these!

1. When you start a blog, people are going to laugh behind your back. Everyone has those friends that you've fallen out with over the years, and I knew when I started a blog those girls would laugh. But I wasn't quite prepared for how much it would bother me when i'd meet up with mutual friends who told me all the mean things they were saying about me. Fast forward 3 years and I really couldn't care, who's blog helped them to land their dream job at ASOS then progress on to marketing at a luxury lifestyle brand HUH. Let them laugh.  

2. Your photography will get better. Oh wow how I cringe when I look back at the first posts I published here with my brother taking the photos in my back garden on my iPhone. They say that you don't need fancy equipment to blog, but if you want to compete with the magazine style blogs out there, you certainly need something a little more than an iPhone and a willing little brother in my opinion. 

3. Your blog will help you in your career. I don't doubt for a second that this is true, when I interviewed at ASOS, they asked more about my blog than my degree! Even though I can be a bit sporadic with my posting, i'm pretty sure my blog and social profiles have helped me a little when applying for jobs.

4. Blogging is HARD HARD WORK. Seriously, I am so inspired by bloggers who work full time then manage to post even once a week. I definitely didn't realise how much hard work and effort  goes into the whole process of posting just one post. From finding a photographer, location scouting, outfit picking (changing in a dingy cafe half way through), editing, writing, promoting on social media, there are so so many aspects to blogging you don't even consider when you start a blog. 

5. You will make friends in the blogging community. This year, i've made a real effort with engaging with the gals who's blogs and outfits I love and it's resulted in making some lovely blogger friends. It's so nice to comment and share when someones totally bossing it and you definitely feel the love when your pals comment back on your content. Who knows, maybe online friends will become real-life friends too! 

L x 


Gingham Obsession


Top - H&M, Skirt - ASOS, Boots - Vagabond, Bag - Stella McCartney

Let me start by saying that I think these are my favourite photos that i've ever hit publish on on here. Since I started shooting with my BFF and super talented photographer Jennie i've become so much more confident in what i'm posting. We're both completely on the same page and have the same vision for how we want our images to look, and of course it helps that we're totally relaxed and generally lolling our way through our shoots. These were taken down the Kings Road in Chelsea last weekend just before we went and stuffed our faces with pancakes at The Old Dutch (highly recommend if you haven't been before)! 

If you follow me on Insta, you'll know that i've been totally obsessed with gingham for a while now. When I do my daily sweep of all of my favourite online stores, I keep trying to scroll past anything gingham cos I reaaally don't need any more but it seems to be all that's standing out to me at the moment. When this skirt dropped into new in on ASOS a while back I knew it was the one for me.. combining gingham, ruffles and deconstructed tiers is exactly my kinda killer combo. Paired with chunky platform boots, a band tee and my beloved Stella bag, this was the perfect kind of mash up of trend driven and casual for a day in Chelsea. 

What are your thoughts on trends? Do you follow them or stick to your failsafes?

L x


Hello 2017

HELLO LOVELY PEOPLE, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A BIG WARM 2017 WELCOME!!! Hope you all had an aaaamazing NYE. I spent the night with my lovely boyfriend and friends dancing the night away with a few too many proseccos thrown in and I was feeling it yesterday. I've honestly had the best 10 days or so and i'm SoOoOo sad to be getting back to reality tomorrow, but i'm kicking off 2017 here with a little 2016 goals round up and setting myself just one new years resolution... 

Although 2016 wasn't horrendous for me, it definitely wasn't my favourite of all the years. I'm hoping that with some hard work and effort, 2017 will bring lots of exciting opportunities this way. I've decided this year that i'm not going to make any resolutions as such, but you can read all about last years goals here. Last year I travelled more, I visited Edinburgh for a wedding and finally got my hands on some Glastonbury tickets which despite the rain was THE BEST few days ever! I spent a long weekend in Berlin with my favourite ladies, drinking and eating and dancing from the moment we landed to the moment we left. I also did the annual trip to Portugal and visited beautiful Italy for another wedding, I can 100% say I achieved my travel goal. Another goal was to improve my content and photography here, and I think for the last few months of the year I really stepped up my game.. something I definitely want to continue to do this year. Last year I also set the goal of working hard. I definitely worked hard, but I think this year I can work even harder. Now I know exactly where I want to be both in terms of my career and this blog I can really start to make it happen, 2017 is going to be the year for change. There was however one resolution that I think is really important that I take into next year.. 

2016 was a year full of ups and downs, although nothing horrendous happened I still feel like my Overall outlook could have been a bit more positive. So this year i'm keeping it simple, making sure that I keep my glass half full instead of empty and being grateful for the things that I have rather than the things I don't. Sounds simple enough, but when setbacks happen I find it so hard to not wallow in my mood rather than just move on and let it go. This year is all about pushing myself to achieve better things, but not falling apart when things don't quite go my way. 

So there you have it, a simple 2017 goal that i'm really looking forward to hopefully achieving (right after i've cried about having to go back to the real world tomorrow haaaa). Have you set any resolutions this year?

L x

Top - Topshop (now in sale)

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