Gingham Obsession


Top - H&M, Skirt - ASOS, Boots - Vagabond, Bag - Stella McCartney

Let me start by saying that I think these are my favourite photos that i've ever hit publish on on here. Since I started shooting with my BFF and super talented photographer Jennie i've become so much more confident in what i'm posting. We're both completely on the same page and have the same vision for how we want our images to look, and of course it helps that we're totally relaxed and generally lolling our way through our shoots. These were taken down the Kings Road in Chelsea last weekend just before we went and stuffed our faces with pancakes at The Old Dutch (highly recommend if you haven't been before)! 

If you follow me on Insta, you'll know that i've been totally obsessed with gingham for a while now. When I do my daily sweep of all of my favourite online stores, I keep trying to scroll past anything gingham cos I reaaally don't need any more but it seems to be all that's standing out to me at the moment. When this skirt dropped into new in on ASOS a while back I knew it was the one for me.. combining gingham, ruffles and deconstructed tiers is exactly my kinda killer combo. Paired with chunky platform boots, a band tee and my beloved Stella bag, this was the perfect kind of mash up of trend driven and casual for a day in Chelsea. 

What are your thoughts on trends? Do you follow them or stick to your failsafes?

L x

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