5 Tips for Starting a New Job

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Whether you've just graduated and have landed your first post-grad role or are further ahead in your career, starting a new job can be a seriously scary. Leaving the comfort of your current role, where you know the job inside out and have probably made some good friends that help you through each day is nerve-wracking enough, but throw in the thought of being the newbie again, having no idea what you're doing day-to-day and freaking out about whether anyone will actually like you and I for one start to really work myself up worrying. Since graduating a few years back, i've had a few jobs and have been lucky enough to have some great experiences and also make some of the most amazing friends. I started a new job just a couple of weeks back, and I had the same fear and worry about being new again, so with that in mind I thought i'd put together my 5 top tips for starting a new job. 

1. Exercise. This one applies to any situation that makes me feel stressed, but when starting a new job, I always make sure to go for a run or go to my favourite spin class to burn off some of the nervous energy. Exercising really helps to clear my head and focus on the activity, even if it's just for an hour and I always feel less stressed and worried afterwards. I don't usually tend to spend too much money on new gym bits, but treating myself to some womens joggers helps to get me motivated and ready to hit the gym. 

2. Prepare for the big day. This is probably a really obvious one but before starting a new job, I make sure to spend the weekend before just re-reading over my job description, looking at the companies website (I work in ecommerce so this is v.important for me) and preparing myself mentally for my first day. I also find that getting some nice new stationery and a new notebook makes me feel more confident and prepared on my first day. Also, have a chilled weekend.. no drinking til 3am and slobbing out on Sunday, it's a nice dinner and a glass of wine in front of the TV to make sure i'm refreshed and ready for a new start. 

3. Talk it out with your family and friends. It's natural that you're going to feel on edge when pushed out of your comfort zone but instead of bottling it up, share your feelings with your family or a close friend. Talking through their experiences will help you to realise that you're not alone and they may be able to share some tips with you too. 

4. Treat yourself to something new. Being the style obsessive that I am, I always like to look and feel my best, especially when i'm meeting new people for the first time. I always like to treat myself to something new for my first day, whether it be a new top or dress or even a pair of H&M earrings, I always feel more confident when i'm comfortable and happy with my outfit. 

5. Relax. Last but by no means least, and possibly my best tip.. just relax. Your first week or so will be spent getting to grips with your new role and trying to fit into your team, so use your evenings to relax, whether that means reading a book or magazine, running a bubble bath or just getting an early night. I always find myself avoiding social media when i've started a new job as I just like to relax and get into my new routine, but within a month I feel relaxed and inspired and ready to get stuck in again. 

So there you have it, my top 5 tips for starting a new job. If all else fails, just remember that they wouldn't have hired you if they didn't think they were perfect for the job, and everyone has been the newbie at one stage. Do you have any tips for starting a new job?


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